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1960 Fan Folded Karmann Ghia Sales Brochure

This broschure is dated August, 1959, and is for the introduction of the 1960 model year. It is escentially a long trapezoidal document - nearly triangular - fan-folded. It has two faces, but because of the way it is folded, it makes a total of 16 faces. Here it has been scanned in in pairs of these faces.

This is one of my favorite of all Karmann Ghia literature - I hope it charms you as much as it has me.

This document was thoughtfully provided by Lars and Kirsten Neuffer, who run a Karmann Ghia business in Germany.


...I accidentally started on the wrong face-pairs for the left hand side... I've left them identified by the scan number below - will re-do when I have time.

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