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Volkswagen Paint Chips and Mixing Formulas

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This manual is an original, dated March, 1959. It had updates added in at least two different eras - perhaps more frequently, we do not know. We do know that there was an update in mid to late '60s - exact date unknown - and another in the early '70s. Unhappily, many of the '70s update pages were lost just recenltly, and we have only been able to include 5 such pages of perhaps twenty or so original pages.

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Reference: Model numbers, paint formulas, and introduction dates

(No color samples here, only paint listing. For color samples, proceed to the Paint Section)

These reference pages contain information useful to determine when paints were first used, and on what models. Note that update pages start in the "Paints" section below with page 17. At that time, this same information was put on the back of the chip page to which it refers, so taking a look there might also be helpful.

Mixing colors

(These pages contain color chips along with their corresponding formula)


(These pages contain color chips along with their corresponding formula)

Miscellaneous additions

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