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The Troy Family

The Troy Coat of Arms and Crest


The Troy Coat of Arms

"Barry of eight ar. and az. three trefoils slipped counterchanged, on a chief gu. three lions, heads erased or."
"Eight horizontal bands of silver and blue with three leaves of clover counterchaged." The upper third red with three lions heads jagged gold."

The Troy Crest

"A tree erect and raguled, out of the top coupled three acorn branches fructed or, leaved vert."
"A tree erect and jagged, out of the top severed is three acorn branches all gold with green leaves."


The Troy Family has a long and distinguished history. This page is intended to provide a place for us Troys to collect together our thoughts, remembrances, photographs and other family related items into one place - a place where we can all browse these items and share with one another.

For the present, I (Richard Matthew Troy III) will be our web-master. Please send submissions to me. If you are a Troy, please feel free to capture this script and edit it to your delight, returning it to me for posting. Similarly, images, and new pages can easily be added, just drop me a note.


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A Brief History:

The founder of the family is said to have been William Troye of Troyes, France. The family moved to Great Britain in 1688, and it has been suggested that Wm. was in fact one of William the Conquerors Knights. This is suggested by the dates and available records which include a Troye among the Knights accompanying Wm. the Conqueror.

Exact information is not available, but we believe that the original name of the family was Troyes, the "s" being dropped on the move from France, and a further simplification, dropping the e, occurring some time later.

In any event there is a village known as "Michael Troy" adjacent to Ragland Castle in south Wales, and it is known that a "Lady Ragland" married into the family in 1889.

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