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Gone Sailing!

This is the Gloriana, and she's owned by my good friend Mark Schimmelman. The Gloriana is a 50 foot schooner built just before W.W.II. The design was intended for racing in the Americas Cup, but the war interrupted that plan. She was built with a big sister - at 100 feet, she's a half scale version!

Mark rebuilt her over the last 5 years, and I got to help some. It was amazing how much work was done to her, but the results are fabulous!

Sometimes we go sailing in the San Francisco Bay, and I usually get to skipper her, when Mark decides to take a nap or something! We recently went out and these are some of the pics from our adventure that day.

I'll scan in some more from our adventures as they occur - and I might even scare up some shots of other sailing adventures! ... I used to sail on Lake Ponchitrain in New Orleans... And Mark used to have a Cal 25 which we used to sail on the Bay as well. ...it's a lot of fun!