Copyright 1996, Richard Troy. Last update, July 26, 1996.

This poem was written on May 18, 1996, by Richard Troy

Kitten Kuddles

morning bath
steam wafting, fogging the mirror grey
foam of suds
belie the quiet solitude

-mew- comes a soft refrain
gently heard among the showers rush
-mew- again from behind the bathroom door

-mew- she says
"I'm here for you"
as kitten asks inside...

I open the door a crack
bade her enter
she plays aloof as if no interest

-mew- again, at the door
and again she teases
I show my affections with open arms
yet she does what she pleases...

-mew- again,
soft as before yet
with conviction

again my open arms vicariously as the door
conveys my open heart...
this time she enters sweetly

bathing done, I stand wet
soak the floor mat, dry the hair,
but Kitten is not satisfied

She rubs the legs and plops on her side,
"wash me with your wet hands, please!"
she begs.

I comply.

She soaks up my affections
as the mat soaks up my drips and drops
when her bath is done, her appetite is only whetted...

and upon the basin she posits herself
as if to patiently wait
but then to upon my shoulder leap
becomes her next great goal

she succeeds-
she embraces my towel as though it were her own
she rubs my cheek, my ears, my neck

she lets me know she loves me dear,
for her there is no other!
and even with the kuddles done, she
cannot leave me still...

she rolls on the floor at my feet
-mew- "now play with me!"
and she begs and kicks and pleads...

-smile- "of course, little one."...
I still love you dear
so she grabs and nips and bites and kicks

yet shreds me not with her claws or fangs
for I am her love,
she was as sweet as the driven snow, you see,
at least as far as kittens go!

I quieted her down with gentle pets,
and soft affections given
and in the warm sunbeam heaven sent
she drifts to sleep contented

As I reflect on my little love affair
a warmth embraces me
I'm not as alone as I might have thought
though my lover does have fleas!

perhaps a merry metaphor
wrapped up in
kitten kuddles