Copyright 1996, Richard Troy. Last update, July 26, 1996.

This poem was written on May 19, 1996 by Richard Troy


oh, cappuccino, warm and wet
I have to taste your flavors yet

with foam piled high
and a cinnamon dash topping
you make me sigh -
I'll drink without stopping!

oh, your pleasures sweet
have yet my lips to meet

...but as I wrote these lines of prose
the dripping noise of my DiLonghi froze!

--oh no!--

I went to see what was the matter
and all I found was a few drops of spatter

for it seemed to have a clogged screen
a flaw my drowsiness had left unseen

and now I sit and pout
that I couldn't get the magic elixir out!

my mornings now sad beyond belief
how will I ever overcome my grief?