Copyright 1996, Richard Troy. Last update, July 26, 1996.

This poem was written on July 2, 1996, by Richard Troy

Blue Moon

Oh I'd wished to slumber on
tried to sleep until the dawn

But awakened from my sleep, I am blinded by the sight
my heart is pierced so deep, with a beaming light

shining through the night, it gives my heart delight
ringed as a joyous festoon, by the light of this blue moon.

I ponder its blue meaning, never wondering before
as I watch the moonlight beaming, I realize what I adore

for in this light amazing,
my heart was silent running,
but it's suddenly becoming,
something oh so much more

The light is but a key, opening my heart
so that I can see, that I can run but not depart

it illuminates what's inside, what was once hidden away
shows feelings that can't hide, but would by light of day

it laps at my skin, teaching me to see
what I am within, what I am to me

bathing me with grace, with a soft caress
beaming in my face, easing my duress
softly loosening my stress
Oh, I love it, I confess!

In the light by which I'm gazing, this light of which I'm praising
my heart began to soar,
in the light that I adore, I assume
always I am this,
yet I am nevermore
as I was before
being bathed by the light of this blue moon.