Copyright 1996, Richard Troy. Last update, July 26, 1996.

This poem was written in the early '80s by Richard Troy

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Birth of a Candy Bar

One Payday, Mr. Goodbar wanted a Bit-O-Honey, so he took his old lady, Mrs. Hershey on the corner of 5th Avenue & Clark. He began to feel her Mounds and to him that was an Almond Joy, which made his Tootsie Roll! Then, he let out some Snickers and slipped his Butterfinger up her Kit-Kat, which of course caused a Milky-Way! She screamed " O-Henry! ", and she squeezed his Peter Paul , & said, "your better than the 3 Muskateers! " She soon became a bit Chunky & 9 months later gave birth to Baby Ruth.