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The Troy Family Photo Album

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For each person, of course, there is a maternal and a paternal side ... since I am the one creating these pages, then it's my paternal and maternal sides that will be the main division! As an alternative to paternal and maternal divisions, I observe that when I am thinking about the family, I always think of all the people at my generational level, and my parents, and so on... and perhaps that might make sense too... i.e.: "This is my generation..." and include my siblings and cousins. Then "This is my parents generation..." and include all their siblings and in-laws!... Messy isn't it?

Well, for now, we'll see what seems to come naturally...

My Generation

I have one sister, Vera Denise, and no brothers. She has three children - two sons, Christopher Michael, and Justin, and one daughter, Heather Marie.

Vera Denise Troy

Some images of Denise as a young un:

My Paternal Side - The Troys

My Dad has two brothers, Ralph and Nat, and no sisters. Each brother has a whole brood of kids... my cousins...

My Maternal Side - The Corleys

My mom Millie Jean Middleton, had a brother who died when still in high school in north east Texas, and one sister, Cloteal. Cloteal married Glen Corley, and they had four sons (in descending age): Markus, Glen Arlis, Frank, and Robert.

Some images of this side of the family:

My own pictures

Well, I ought to at least get my own history right... these shots are just a few photographs which actually mean something to me - either by time, or by place, or the people they contain.

I had a pretty tough ride when I was a young 'un and so some of these images mean more to me than might first appear... They are all happy shots...

Other images from my Early Life

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Richard M. Troy III